mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Building ... ( Frame )

08 / January / 2012

Sunday .
Hot'n'Sunny Day .
That's Fine to rest , have a ride on my WarBoy and some tasty Coffee at the Bar , next Town ,
but i can't stop myself to think about this BoardTracker .

I've Started the Work with an EVO motor coz i had nothing else under the hand .
( An EVO Motor has the same Bolts-mount pattern than a ShovelHead 
and is also 1 Cm TALLER than a ShovelHead Motor : so : no-Problem with it . )
But now i realise that the ShovelHead HEADS has NOT exactly the same shape 
about the Exhaust Ports than an EVO . I guess maybe i'll have some trouble about this
with this SINGLE DownTube LOOP Frame .

I have to KNOW what to do NOW before keepin'on workin'on this babe .
it's TIME to install a TRUE ShovelHead Motor in the JIG .
Thanks to Laurent ( DeepSouth Motors ) to bringing me an Empty Motor .
I'll get it on next Monday :Exactly Tomorrow : Guy is Back Again for an other HOT Day with me .

Waitin'for this : Here is some "Relax-Sunday-Work" about the "UnderSaddle" Casting .

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