lundi 24 mai 2010

Fouckin'Planning :-(

I HATE Planning my Work .
Time Runnin' is the best Ennemy of Creativity and Perfect Work .
But i'm on the End of the Road now . I see the "End of the Tunnel "
and End Next Week : this BoardTracker must leave my Workshop coz
The South-Riders TEAM has a lot of work to do on it for being Ready for the Next Show .

Don't Worry : I'll keep this Blog Upated with Many new pics ...
...Now Shooten at the South-Rider's Workshop !  :-)

Well : this is all i have to do for Completing the Job :

2 commentaires:

crazy clem a dit…

Ahh les fameuses "checklist"
j'suis fan aussi =)

Milwaukee Belle's Works a dit…

Et encore ! la : c'est relativement court !
pour le WarBoy : j'en avais TROIS pages , et écrit bien plus petit que ca ! :-(